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Society for Social Studies of Science

4S News

President’s Message, May 2016


Bernal Prize to Michael Lynch. In Memoriam: David Hakken


4S President’s message – April 2016


6S Workshop funded. 4S/ASIST collaboration. Campaign to ban lethal autonomous weapons.


2017 Edge Prize Nominations Requested


Awarded annually for the best article in the area of science and technology studies by the 4S.  Deadline for nominations is May 1, 2016.


Call for Nominations – Mentoring Award—Deadline April 30, 2016


The award will be granted annually.  Both mid-career and more senior scholars are eligible.

Send nominations to Sharon Traweek (UCLA, USA; co-chair) by April 30, 2016.  Other members of the 2016 committee include:Sulfikar Amir (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Kim Fortun (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA); Leandro Rodriguez-Medina (Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico); Kaushik Sunder Rajan (U Chicago, USA; co-chair); Sally Wyatt (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts &...


4S President’s message – March 2016


The EASST/4S 2016 conference in Barcelona this August 31 – September 3rd has received over 2500 abstract submissions! 4S Council will hold our Spring meeting addressing a range of agenda items including an update to the statement of 4S’ purpose.


4S President’s message – February 2016


Barcelona meeting off to a lively start with 115 Open Tracks offering an abundant array of thematic streams. More reflections on 4S’s position in a postcolonial/de-colonizing STS landscape. Renewed commitment to Backchannels.


STS Infrastructure Award – Call for Nominations


The STS Infrastructure Award Committee (co-chaired by Geof Bowker and Kenji Ito) welcomes nominations for the recipient of the first award, to be presented at EASST/4S 2016 in Barcelona. Please submit nominations.


President’s Message January 2016


As I mentioned in my brief remarks in Denver, over the next year I hope to convene a discussion around what it means for 4S to be an international association that is administratively based in the United States. A rough survey of our membership database (with apologies for all of the differences within that are erased by the categories) suggests that 676 or just over one half of 4S members are currently located in the U.S., with another 95 in Canada; 356 or just under one third are based in...


REMINDER:  Call for papers and closed sessions for EASST/4S 2016


4S and EASST have issued a a call for papers and closed sessions for the 2016 Joint Meeting that will take place from August 31st to September 3rd in Barcelona  The deadline for submission of individual papers and closed session proposals is 21 February 2016.

Titled 'Science & technology by other means: Exploring collectives, spaces and futures,’ the conference highlights how science and technology are increasingly performed, shaped and developed...


President’s message, December 2015


This President’s message marks the last of 2015, but also the first in a new chapter of 4S governance. As the roughly 1200 of you who attended 4S 2015 in Denver last month will know, I was handed several exemplars of the artifact named in English a ‘baton’ during the Awards plenary. As our outgoing (in both senses) President Gary Downey explained, these objects all have their part in the agencies of the 4S President. I’ll likely keep the parade leader’s twirling baton in reserve, but can easily relate to the value of the orchestra conductor’s baton in keeping things in harmony (but without being afraid of some dissonance as well as loud and uplifting noises), and the relay racer’s in keeping things moving (in the agreed upon directions).


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