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4S President’s message – November 2017


It is time to nominate colleagues for 4S’s many prizes!  This is an important opportunity to think through where STS is as a field, and to honor exemplary work.  To make it easier to keep up with the nomination schedule, we are revising it so that nominations for all prizes are due December 15, 2017.  Nominations received earlier for the Edge, Fleck and Carson prizes will be included in updated sets.  Read about the different prizes and submit nominations and supporting material here.



4S President’s message – October 2017


4S Community,

As extreme events surround us (with floods, fires, guns and sexism, among other threats), the significance of STS and 4S is all the more clear to me. We have lots to work on!

Towards this, discussion at the 4S Council fall meeting focused on the long range and big picture, considering an array of possible new initiatives.  One thread of discussion focused on ways we could further diversify 4S, both within and among countries, both intellectually and socially. We also discussed...


New Publisher Discounts


The MIT Press is now offering 4S members 30% discounts on STS books and individual journal subscriptions.


Call for Open Panels


4S Sydney, Aug 29-Sep 1st 2018. Deadline for Submission: November 1st, 2017. Open panel topics, once accepted by the Program Committee, will be included in the general call for papers that will open on Dec 1st.


4S President’s message – September 2017


As many of you have have heard me say before, I deeply appreciate the diverse places from which STS comes, and think STS knowledge has great theoretical as well as practical relevance in the contemporary world.  I hope to help build 4S community and organizational capacity that supports STS teaching, research and practice in different contexts, while continuing to build STS across borders of many kinds.


4S President’s message – August 2017


Infrastructure and Mentoring Award Announcements, Mentors needed in Boston, 4S 2017 Welcome Demonstration, Expert Review call, IPCC Special Report on Global Warming


4S President’s message – July 2017


Mullins and Edge Prize Announcements. 4S Council election results. Registration news and Preliminary Program for 4S 2017. Support for non-US Travelers to 4S 2017   .


4S Sydney 18 Announced


The theme of the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science—Transnational STS – encourages presentations, panels, and other events that deepen and extend the transnational character of the Society itself.


4S President’s message – June 2017


Carson and Fleck Prize Announcements. Ongoing developments in US policy. 4S Council Election


4S President’s message – May 2017


Bernal Prize Announcement: Hebe Vessuri
Registration now open for 4S 2017 conference
4S sponsorship of March for Science


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