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Society for Social Studies of Science

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Nominees for 2015 4S Mentoring Award: deadline April 1


The 4S Mentoring Award committee has established April 1 as the deadline for our inaugural award, to be presented at the Denver meeting. Complete guidelines at the 4S website. Key features:

“The nomination packet must not exceed five pages in length (12pt font). It must include (1) a statement or letter of nomination, detailing the candidate’s distinguished contributions as a mentor, and (2) supporting documentation. Supporting documentation provides evidence of the candidate's or group of...


Proposed Revision to 6S Charter


Enter your comments here.

Student Section of the Society for Social Studies of Science (6S)

Revised Charter


The Student Section of 4S (known as 6S) was created to build stronger networks among students and junior scholars who study the social aspects of science and technology, and to promote the interests of students within 4S as an organization.

The student section aims to make 4S more relevant for students through representation on the 4S Council and by organizing specific...


Nominees for Council: deadline March 1


Council as a whole selects nominees for new members. Claire Waterton chairs the committee.

Please suggest here potential candidates, including yourself. To aid Council in its deliberations, include a brief description of each candidate's qualifications.

Term and responsibilities: “Council members serve a three-year term beginning immediately after the annual 4S meeting. Three members are elected annually from a slate of 5-7 candidates. Council members are expected to be available for two...


President’s message #14


Council selects journal name!: Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

On November 20, Council selected Engaging Science, Technology, and Society as the name for our new open access journal!

The final Council vote concluded a three-month process to select a name. The process began with the Publications Committee collecting suggestions from members, which it then shared with the Editor, Daniel Kleinman. After reviewing these, Daniel proposed some options to Council. Some Council members...


President’s message #13


Help Council select a name for the new 4S blog—Nov 21 deadline!

The Interim 4S Web Committee has been hard at work redesigning the user interface of the 4S website, to make it a dynamic site for information, communication, and scholarship. The goal is to have several new content features available by early December.

One such feature is a 4S blog.  The Committee has proposed two possible names to Council – “Back Channels” and “Coordinates.” 

Council invites you to vote for one of these...


President’s message #12


Help Council select a title for the 4S open access journal!
Summary of 2014 meeting evaluation survey.


President’s message #11


Followup and evaluation of the Buenos Aires meeting, with video links to the Tango Show and Opening Plenary. Plans for a meeting review committee. Council initiates quarterly Webex meetings. Council approves STS Making and Doing meeting format.  Council approves 4S Mentoring Award. Re-design of 4S home page


President’s message #10


Approximately 1,000 people will participate in the ESOCITE/4S meeting, significantly more than the organizers had expected! Ours seems to be the largest meeting the hotel has ever hosted. Hotel staff are going overboard to accommodate this complex international meeting.

Council approved the “Resolution to Avoid Overlap in Annual Meetings with Neighboring Academic Organizations”. Please comment on a committee report recommending a 4S Building STS Award.

Daniel Kleinman (4S OA journal editor; U Wisconsin-Madison), Katie Vann (4S OA journal managing editor), and Kelly Moore (chair, 4S publications committee; Loyola U Chicago) met recently to outline actions and initiatives they will complete this fall to enable the journal to begin publication as early as possible in 2015!

The Committee on Resolutions and Reports invites members to submit proposed resolutions, as well as requests to Council to establish ad hoc report committees. See the Guidelines on the website.


President’s message #9


4S Election results!
I am pleased to announce that you have elected Lucy Suchman (Lancaster U) as your 22nd president! You have also elected Daniel Breslau (Virginia Tech), Shobita Parthasarathy (U Michigan), and Tania Pérez-Bustos (Pontificia U Javeriana) to Council!

Please comment on plans for a 4S Making and Doing meeting format and related awards!
The STS Making and Doing Committee has completed a draft call for submissions for a new meeting format and related awards. Council has approved the next step—seeking your comments.

Please comment on a committee report recommending a 4S Mentoring Award
The 4S Mentoring Award Committee has completed the “Proposal for a 4S Mentoring Award: Transferring Knowledge Across Generations and Domains of Practice.” Council has approved the next step—seeking your comments.


President’s message #8


4S election—deadline June 24!

We are fortunate to have strong candidates for President (Yuko Fujigaki, Lucy Suchman) and Council (Daniel Breslau, Sungook Hong, Shobita Parthasarathy, Tania Pérez-Bustos, Jody Roberts)!  You should have received by now a link to vote.  If not, please alert our webmaster, Steve Coffee (

For the first time, Council as a whole served as the nominations committee.  Council members followed a rigorous process for ranking...


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