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Book Launch, Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Research by Noortje Marres

Evelyn Ruppert

25 June, 2017

[Madras HQ Bibliotheque, CODE/CITY, Manu Luksch © 2017]

Noortje Marres' timely new book, Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Researchwas launched on 9 May 2017 at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. In the book Marres unpacks the social logics that underpin contemporary use of social media and other digital platforms accused of supporting the spread of "fake news," amongst other ills. In this month's reblog we point our readers towards a recent Big Data and Society piece describing the book launch and the panelists that participated, including Backchannels editor Amanda Windle. Backchannels readers can catch the original blog post here, and find an audio recording of the launch here.

Marres, Noortje.  2017. Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Research. Cambridge: Polity Press.

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