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Georgia Tech Gender Equity Champion Reflects on Role as Pioneer of Gender in Science Studies

Madeleine Pape

05 December, 2016

This month Backchannels is re-blogging an interview with Mary Frank Fox, ADVANCE Professor in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, which was originally featured on the Georgia Tech website. Conducted after Fox was honored by the university as a Gender Equity Champion, the interview celebrated that award and gave Fox an opportunity to reflect on her distinguished career and pioneering work in feminist science studies. We think the Backchannels community will appreciate Fox's reflection on her work and teaching and the trajectory of the field since its inception. 

Here is a brief excerpt:

"I arrived at the University of Michigan as an undergraduate student with a declared sociology major, which was unusual for students in the field. No courses in gender studies were offered at the time. I pursued a 'calling' in the study of inequality in occupations, organizations, and societies.  I continued in graduate study at the University of Michigan, and — intellectual fireworks! — found a vivid site for study: the case of science, specifically women and men in scientific fields. At the time, no courses or curriculum in the sociology of science existed at Michigan. I went out on a limb — with a focus on science as a strategic, revealing site for the study of gender.  In doing this, I was one of the founders of gender and science as a topic. I fostered this as a subject of study, and, in turn, a research area that eventually became part of the national agenda."

Read and enjoy the full interview here. Congratulations, Mary!

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