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Is STS All Talk and No Walk? Steve Fuller

James H. Collier

22 May, 2017

Image credit: Hans Luthart, viaflickr

On 26 April the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (SERRC) reposted Steve Fuller’s "Is STS All Talk and No Walk?", which originally appeared in the EASST Review. Fuller's provocative piece queries whether STS scholars are contradicting what he terms the "post-truth tropes" of the discipline when they reject the claims of politically undesirable groups such as climate deniers or creationists. The re-blogger, James Collier from SERRC and Virginia Tech, is inviting 1000-2000 word responses to Fuller's commentary. Interested Backchannels readers can contact him via email. Check out the "original" SERRC re-blog of Fuller's piece here.

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