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Will Populism Kill Your Jetpack?

Scott Smith and Georgina Voss

29 January, 2017

Mike Blake / Reuters. Damien Burch shoots out of the water on a jetpack during an event to help U.S. military veterans in September 2016.

Editor's Note

As we enter the second week of Donald Trump's presidency, there are signs that we may be headed towards an energy and technology future that is markedly different to that forecast during the Obama administration. To reflect on this political re-orientation in the US and elsewhere, here is a reblog by Scott Smith and Georgina Voss, recently featured in The Atlantic in December. They reflect on the implications of the Republican Party's populist campaign for technological innovation and development in the US. Read the full article here.

Readers may also be interested in our previous reblog on Obama's legacy in US science and technology policy, and another piece on the fallout from Brexit for academia in the United Kingdom.

The SKAT blog (Science, Knowledge, and Technology Section of the American Sociological Association) has also featured several relevant reflections in recent weeks that may be of interest to our readership.

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