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All Backchannels Entries Tagged 'disaster'

AI’s Prediction Problem

Reflections / Steve G. Hoffman

title Is prediction in AI a fool's errand?

Enduring Effects of the Bhopal Disaster

Reflections / Rahul Mukherjee

The Bhopal disaster remains present in the lives of Indian "chemical publics."

Teaching the Fukushima Disaster with “A Journey To Namie”

Projects / Vivek Kant, Nanyang Technological University creates and compiles materials for teaching the Fukushima disaster, like the short documentary, "A Journey to Namie."

Identifying Bodies with Victor Toom: New Research in Science, Technology & Human Values

Reflections / Abby Kinchy

Backchannels interviews Dr. Victor Toom, an anthropologist of scientific practice, about his recent ST&HV article that analyzes how victims’ remains were recovered, identified, repatriated and retained after the World Trade Center terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Disaster Mobilities: Staying in the Trouble

Projects / Katrina Petersen

To illustrate the complexities of entanglements between human, technology, and world that STS theory highlights, three projects at Lancaster University facilitate collective embodied engagement and experience.

Continuity and Change in the Social Science of Risk, Hazards, and Disasters

Report-backs / AJ Faas and Tess Kulstad

The Risk and Disaster Topical Interest Group within the SfAA addresses risk and disaster-related topics with wider, multi-field appeal.