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All Backchannels Entries Tagged 'environment'

The Bow Valley and ‘People’ Without a History

Reflections / Tina Loo

title Multispecies ethnographies—of grizzlies in this case—through artistic visualizations let us question our actions in the world and the future we make.

Silenced Issues 4: (Un-)Silencing Issues in Thinking Through Environmental Data

Reflections / Leo Matteo Bachinger

title The fourth entry to our ongong series explores and reflects the ways in which data is used to conceal, silence but also bring to the foreground environmental and Climate Change issues.

Where are the Humans in Climate Change Solutions?

/ Myanna Lahsen

Myanna Lahsen analyzes the re-envisioning processes that gave rise to a new international research program which seeks to bring the social sciences into the center of research on global environmental change

Enduring Effects of the Bhopal Disaster

Reflections / Rahul Mukherjee

The Bhopal disaster remains present in the lives of Indian "chemical publics."

A Missing Link in Making Meaning from Air Monitoring?

Projects / Gwen Ottinger, Drexel University

Gwen Ottinger discusses how data about the air quality of neighborhoods closest to oil refineries can be better harnessed by community activists.

STS Underground: Images from an Emerging Subfield

Report-backs / Abby Kinchy and Roopali Phadke

What can STS contribute to the burgeoning new field of “subsoil” social theory?