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All Backchannels Entries Tagged 'gender'

Engendering Alice and Bob

Reflections / Quinn DuPont and Alana Cattapan

Quinn DuPont and Alana Cattapan critically engage with the fictional characters of Alice and Bob. Characters that are meant to convey complex concepts – and thereby represent and reinforce gender norms in fields where women are already few.

Georgia Tech Gender Equity Champion Reflects on Role as Pioneer of Gender in Science Studies

Reflections / Madeleine Pape

"I continued in graduate study at the University of Michigan, and — intellectual fireworks! — found a vivid site for study: the case of science, specifically women and men in scientific fields."

Our digital society, from citizens to companies, needs to understand the trolls

Reflections / Amanda Windle

However we choose to name indirect forms of violence whether it is by calling it – flaming, trolling, smearing or slamming — finding new words to express age-old forms of violence towards women is part of the problem.

Sex, Gender, and the New NIH Policy

Reflections / Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

Highlighting the need for research on gender alongside sex is a critical contribution of feminist science studies scholars.