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How migrant registration infrastructures co-produce citizens, institutions and territory

Projects / Annalisa Pelizza

The European database containing fingerprints of asylum seekers, called Eurodac, is now interoperable with national police authorities’ databases Europe-wide. What are the implications?

4S Preview: Materializing Governance by Infrastructure

Projects / Francesca Musiani, Annalisa Pelizza and Stefania Milan

Uncovering regimes of inclusion/exclusion nested in technical details of information infrastructures.

Some Thoughts on the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank”

Reflections / ElHassan ElSabry

In November 2015, the Egyptian government announced an initiative to provide nationwide access to a multitude of knowledge resources (k-12 curricula, scholarly journals, eBooks, educational videos ... etc.) claiming that it is "“the biggest digital library in the world". ElHassan ElSabry, an Egyptian researcher in the field of scholarly communication and Open Access, provides some thoughts on the issue and the project's ability to fulfill its promise.