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All Backchannels Entries Tagged 'making and doing'

4S Preview: Here, there be future dragons…

Projects / Laura Watts, Max Liboiron, Phoebe Sengers and Kaiton Williams

Crew wanted. Sail with us to the edges of the world, where monstrous futures can be found.

Things Worth Categorizing

Reviews / Yelena Gluzman

The cards were there to be peered at and handled, and mounted lights and magnifying glasses allowed for an intimate examination of the texture and detail in each. The mise-en-scène of the cards figured them as specimens, and us as naturalists. Yet the task of the naturalist—to organize specimens into coherent relations—was also the work being done by the cards themselves.

Building DIY citizen science technology to see invisible marine plastics

Projects / Max Liboiron

Ninety-three percent of all marine plastics are smaller than a grain of rice (Eriksen et al 2014). This summer I made a research voyage through one of the world’s five gyres, huge slow-moving currents in the middle each of the world’s five oceans that tend to accumulate floating debris, including plastics.

Sperm Banking and Me: Transporting the Technosocial Question

Reflections / Gary Lee Downey

We want our technologies outside, thinking we can control them. But what if we framed this differently, picturing humans and technologies as entwined through permeable, fluid boundaries? Clarity would be more elusive. Joining semen cryopreservation disrupted a comfortable, but clueless, masculinity.

Write2Know Campaign: Making and Doing in STS

Projects / Max Liboiron

Write2know highlights STS scholars’ roles in civic participation and STS as an practice of “making and doing” politics in and through science.