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Descriptions of current work—the makings and doings—of STS scholars across the globe. This includes individual work, as well as collaborations between / with academics, practitioners, and policy makers.

Write2Know Campaign: Making and Doing in STS

Max Liboiron / 24 March, 2015

title Write2know part of a larger movement in science and technology studies today that is calling for engaged scholarly research. It highlights STS scholars’ roles in civic participation and STS as an practice of “making and doing” politics in and through science. Crucially, this campaign engages issues where science and technology intersect with social and environmental justice.

On the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective

Jim Collier / 31 January, 2015

title Social epistemology understands knowledge as a principle for social organization and action and welcomes the reformist impulse. In that spirit, as the Executive Editor of Social Epistemology, I initiated and participate in the Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective, whose ideals and practices express the promise and potential of common purpose.

Discutiendo la agenda de desarrollo sustentable

Mariano Fressoli & Valeria Arza / 30 January, 2015

title Mariano Fressoli and Valeria Arza present the newly opened center STEPS (Social, Technological, Environmental Pathways to Sustainability) in Latin America. They describe the purposes of the center as well as its current projects. The challenges that mobilize the creation of the STEPS center in Latin America are several. On one hand, it seeks to analyze the rapid social and environmental changes affecting our societies, such as climate change, political transition towards more sustainable societies, and the emergence of new technologies, without losing sight of the need to address the growing problems of inequality and social exclusion that these changes may bring. On the other hand, it looks forward to finding patterns and trends to help understand the overall characteristics of these challenges while comprehending their local particularities. (in Spanish)

Light Years

Wesley Shrum / 26 January, 2015

Wesley Shrum was invited to make a 5 minute, “experimental" film to help launch the 2015 International Year of Light at UNESCO. He and co-Director Greg Scott responded with a film noir pastiche. Whodunnit?
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Linguists first used the term backchannel to refer to the spontaneous responses and signals that provide interactivity to what is only apparently a one-way communication. Social media users have adopted the term to refer to the unofficial, multi-directional online conversation that parallels formal academic exchange at a lecture or conference. The Backchannels blog is intended to have a similar relationship to scholarly discourse in STS. It provides an outlet for alternative-format scholarly communications, publishing shorter, timelier, media-rich communiques of interest to the global STS community. The editors welcome proposed contributions.