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Society for Social Studies of Science

4S Committee Reports

Building STS Award Committee Report and Proposal


The award honors life-long contributions of an STS scholar to build social foundations for scholarly activities of STS in local, national, and/or international contexts. Charged by the current 4S president Gary Downey, the Building STS Award Committee deliberated the new award’s description, justification, name, guideline, and selection procedure through email and in person. The Building STS Award committee requests the 4S council to approve this document and to vote on the name of the award.

Proposal for a 4S Mentoring Award


During the last 40 years STS has become an established field of inquiry globally. Thousands of people have collaboratively built that infrastructure of scholarly organizations, conferences, workshops, newsletters, journals, book series, positions, degrees, research funding programs, departments, centers, and institutes.  We have crafted the theoretical, methodological, and institutional tools to conduct effective fundamental, applied, developmental, clinical, and policy research in STS. We have extended our knowledge and practices beyond academia to governments, industries, civil society, and social movements around the world. We also have developed the knowledge of how to build, circulate, and maintain our own knowledge-making apparatus while insuring its flexibility. To do all this we have established and maintained trans-local and trans-disciplinary webs of collaborative working relationships that we keep under revision.

Publications Committee 2013


This report describes the discussion and action items at the Publications Committee 4S Council Meeting, October 10, 2013, and a report of the meeting between the editors of the Handbook of Science and Technology Studies and members of 4S on October 12, 2013.

4S Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics and Public Policy


Resolved: That 4S institute a Standing Committee on Ethics and Public Policy

At its meeting on Wednesday, November 6, 2002, the 4S Council accepted the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Ethics and Public Policy, to institute a
Standing Committee on Ethics and Public Policy for the 4S.

Visions Committee Report 2002


The Vision committee was been appointed to address some specific future-oriented issues for the Society of Social Studies of Science. They included the question about name change, globalization challenges, the need to reintroduce matters of policy and politics,  the need for more engagement with scientists and engineers, the role of 4S in career development, and fund raising in benefit of the society.