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2015 - WSIS World Summit on the Information Society. 4S was a principal sponsor and organizer of the main Science & Engineering side event to the WSIS in Tunis, Tunisia in 2005. The 2015 followup to this summit is an opportunity for renewed participation in this major international event.

2015 - July (possibly 26-28th) Johannesburg, SA. World Social Science Forum.

Public Engagement

Special Announcement about the FIRST Act Threat to NSF Social Science Funding

If passed this act would sharply limit funding for the social and behavioral sciences and add a frightening new layer of Congressional oversight. For U.S.-based members, please consider contacting your representatives on this issue. You can find contact information at the Consortium for Social Science Associations.

4S participates and solicits member proposals for international conferences, workshops, meetings, and symposia, as both an organizer and participant. Three years ago the 4S council voted to establish a small fund for initiatives that would involve engagement with

(1) various STS communities, such as regional Latin American and Asian-Pacific groups

(2) the international community as represented by 4S affiliated organizations ICSU and ISSC

(3) the broader community of policymakers, scientists and engineers (Visions Report 2002, Part V-VII). An example is the World Summit on the Information Society (Phase II, Tunisia) where 4S played an organizing and sponsorship role.

Members may propose and request partial funding for initiatives that involve an international or public engagement dimension. This might be in the form of establishing dialogue, attendance or hosting a side event to official activities such as the World Summit event above.

A call for proposals will typically appear in Technoscience once annually, although members may initiate discussions at any time.

We hope to maintain a rolling calendar of events and will appreciate learning of any relevant summits, international conference, or multilateral meetings.

Sponsored Regional Workshops

Commissioned Reports