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Society for Social Studies of Science


4S is governed by a President and a council of nine persons, according to a charter. Three members are elected annually from a slate of five to seven candidates.  Council members serve three year terms, while the President serves a two year term after a one year term as President Elect.  All Past Presidents are non-voting members of Council.

Current Officers and Council

Past Officers



Committee Reports

Role of Officers and Council

Council meets twice annually, usually on the day prior to the 4S annual meeting and at a spring meeting. The remainder of 4S business is conducted via email. The general Business Meeting of the society is held prior to the banquet at the annual meeting.  MINUTES of the council and business meeting of 4S are published on this web page.

The President shall have general charge of the affairs of the Society. S/he is an ex-officio member of all Committees, as well as a voting member of Council. Routine responsibilities of the President include: making committee assignments; making certain that committee responsibilities are satisfactorily performed; representing 4S in dealings with other organizations; helping formulate Society policy; organizing and presiding at the annual Council and Business Meetings; and organizing a Presidential Plenary or delivering a Presidential Address for each of the meetings over which s/he presides.

The Secretary is a non-voting member of Council. Routine responsibilities include: conduct of elections; in close communication with the President, conduct of the correspondence of the Society; serve as liaison officer to other organizations; maintain a record of all Society correspondence; support the functioning of the committees and solicit timely reports to be presented to Council; track key steps in the yearly cycle of the Society’s functioning; in collaboration with the President, develop an agenda for biannual Council meetings and the annual Business meeting; prepare citations and plaques for prize winners; and update the 4S web site. The Secretary is appointed for a 3-year term, with the possibility of renewal.

The Treasurer is a non-voting member of Council. Routine responsibilities include: paying society debts in a timely manner; maintaining the 4S treasury; preparing membership, treasury reports, & budgetary projection for the annual meeting; preparing an annual treasury report; preparing checks for annual awards; and filing annual 4S tax returns. The Treasurer is appointed for a 3-year term, with the possibility of renewal.

Routine responsibilities of Council include: attendance at annual Council Meetings (a quorum of four voting members is necessary to effect Society business); consider and formulate all Society policy; provide feedback to the President on Society business; and serve on one or more standing committees. Council members serve on one prize committee each year.

4S is governed by this charter.