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New Initiatives

4S is pleased to announce the establishment of an the 4S New Initiatives Program, that was first begun at the 2008 Rotterdam meeting.

The 4S New Initiatives Program supports and promotes the extension of science and technology studies into new contexts or to new areas. Specifically, it provides funds for one or more the following activities: 1) engagement between STS and other scholarly disciplines; 2) the active use of STS knowledge in discussions of international, global, and multilateral significance; 3) the expansion of STS internationally.

This program does not fund “standard” workshops (that is, workshops that simply address a current intellectual issue in STS), or the continuation of existing initiatives.

Eligibility: Any member of 4S may apply
Budget limit: Up to US$15,000.
One awardwill be made each year. The initiative must take place in the following year.
Deadline for application is 1st of August
Proposal Requirements:

Within six months of the completion of the activities, a two-page report explaining activities and outcomes must be submitted to the Chair of the New Initiative Program.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the 4S Council and the awardee is required before funds are appropriated.

Please contact the current chair of the 4S New Initiatives Program http://www.4sonline.org/committees  for more information.