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Society for Social Studies of Science

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4S Announces New Council Members, Prize Winners at 2011 Meeting


New Council members 2011-2014: Leandro Rodriguez Medina, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Kenji Ito

Bernal Prize: Evelyn Fox Keller

Ludwik Fleck Prize: Marion Fourcade, Economists and Societies: Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain and France, 1890s to 1990s. (Princeton, 2009).

Rachel Carson Prize: Lynn M. Morgan, Icons of Life: A Cultural History of Human Embryos. (University of California, 2009)

David Edge Prize: Wen-Hua Kuo, “The Voice on the Bridge: Taiwan’s Regulatory Engagement with Global Pharmaceuticals.” East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal, vol.3 no.1 (2009), pp.51-72.

Nicholas Mullins Award: Sara Wylie