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4S President’s message – March 2016


As some of you may have heard, the EASST/4S 2016 conference in Barcelona this August 31 – September 3rd has received over 2500 abstract submissions, which has posed some interesting trials for the conference organizers. They’re now hard at work recalculating the number of papers that can be accommodated, exploring ways to expand the meeting space and design a program that maximizes participation while still leaving time for breathing, eating and drinking, and other vital functions. It’s a great problem to have, but a challenging one nonetheless. Those of you who are the conveners of Open Tracks will be receiving guidance on the abstract review process and session organizing very soon. Along with the challenges, this enthusiastic response from the STS community has brought tremendous energy to our Barcelona colleagues, who are more excited than ever about hosting what will clearly be a vibrant collective expression of ‘science and technology by other means.’

4S Council will hold our Spring meeting (online to save wear and tear on bodies and environments) on March 16th, addressing a range of agenda items including an update to the statement of 4S’ purpose aimed at a clearer articulation of our reasons for being (now variously described on the 4S website.) Thanks go to Gary Downey and Claire Waterton for having developed an excellent draft, which will be reviewed by Council and then circulated for your comments in the next issue of Technoscience.