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Society for Social Studies of Science

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New Journal Launched


4S would like to announce that the first set of papers has been published by its new online journal. Please visit Engaging Science, Technology, and Society to find the following articles:

Editorial: Launching Engagement
Daniel Lee Kleinman, Katie Vann

Voting by Quiz: Online Algorithms and Election Education
Eric Brian Kennedy

Adjacent temporalities: Making Medico-Scientific Futures and the Present
Samuel Taylor-Alexander

Regulating the Academic “Marketplace of Ideas”: Commercialization, Export Controls, and Counterintelligence
John Krige

What’s political about solar electric technology? The user’s perspective
Chelsea Schelly

(Low) Expectations, Legitimization, and the Contingent Uses of Scientific Knowledge: Engagements with Neuroscience in Scottish Social Policy and Services
Tineke Broer, Martyn Pickersgill