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Society for Social Studies of Science

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Nominees for Council: deadline March 1


Council as a whole selects nominees for new members. Claire Waterton chairs the committee.

Please suggest here potential candidates, including yourself. To aid Council in its deliberations, include a brief description of each candidate's qualifications.

Term and responsibilities: “Council members serve a three-year term beginning immediately after the annual 4S meeting. Three members are elected annually from a slate of 5-7 candidates. Council members are expected to be available for two meetings annually – one at the annual meeting and the other during a two-day spring meeting. Council members also initiate and participate in regular 4S business throughout the year. Regular business includes considering and formulating policy, providing feedback to the President on matters of concern, discussing and formulating new initiatives, and other business as necessary. Council members also serve on one prize committee each year and additional committees as requested by the President. The workload is not onerous, but does require a 3-year commitment.”