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President’s message #22, August 2015


Election results!!

Please join me in congratulating our newly-elected members of Council and representative to the Student Section (6S). The Council members include:

Oscar Javier Maldonado Castañeda (Postdoctoral researcher, Technology and Social Change, Linköping U, Sweden)
Gwen Ottinger (Assistant Professor, Center for Science, Technology and Society/Department of Politics, Drexel U, USA)
Sara Wylie (Assistant Professor, Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute, Northeastern USA)

The 6S representative is:
Erika Amethyst Szymanski (PhD candidate, Centre for Science Communication, U Otago, New Zealand)

All will serve for three years beginning in November.

Update: Opening Presidential Plenary

Many thanks again to all of you who suggested speakers for the Opening Presidential Plenary, tentatively titled “Making and Doing II: The Formation and Ecologies of STS Practitioners.”

Eight distinguished speakers are now in conversation via threaded discussion about the issues at stake in this year’s event. The final title and abstract, as well as titles of individual presentations and short bios, will appear in the final program.

The plenary is designed to continue discussion of making and doing in STS initiated with the Joint Opening Plenary in Buenos Aires. In that event, 24 speakers spoke under the title: “What is STS for? What are STS Scholars For?: Making and Doing in STS.” In four-minute presentations, they described what they do as STS scholars, how they do it, for whom they do it, and what they hope to accomplish by means of it.

This year we focus and share discussion on a collection of issues and practices that figure greatly in the production, expression, and travel of STS knowledge and expertise, yet tend to appear only in corridor talk: the making and ecologies of STS practitioners. With the term “STS practitioner,” we refer to STS learners who may not be seeking careers as Ph.D.-level STS researchers.

Plenary speakers include:

Ulrike Felt (U Vienna, Austria)
Kim Fortun (Rensselaer, USA)
Yuko Fujigaki (U Tokyo, Japan)
Bruce Lewenstein (Cornell U, USA)
Noortje Marres (Goldsmiths U London/Warwick U)
Hernán Thomas (U Nacional de Quilmes/CONICET, Argentina)
John Willinsky (Stanford U, USA)
Chia-Ling Wu (National Taiwan U, Taiwan)

Update: Welcome Reception and ESTS Launch Party!

The Welcome Reception on Wednesday evening is also a launch party for Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, our new open access journal.

Duh: 40th annual 4S meeting!!!!

Only after the program was nearly complete did it occur to any of us that the Denver meeting is the 40th annual meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science!
The first meeting took place in 1976 at Cornell University.

While it is too late to re-build the program wholly around this theme, we are adding to banquet plans a celebration of those 40 years. You won’t want to miss it!

Come to Denver! Plan for Barcelona (August 31-September 3, 2016)!

Gary Downey