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Seeking Exhibitors, Advertisers for Denver Meeting


The Denver meeting will host more than 1,200 participants over a four-day period. Participants include

  • scholars in anthropology, economics, education, history, philosophy, political science, sociology, psychology, and women’s studies
  • interdisciplinary scholars that work in feminist theory, cultural theory, postcolonial theory, public policy, innovation theory, and design.
  • scientists and engineers interested in the social aspects of their fields
  • members of the public with an interest in the way that science and technology affects their lives

The book exhibit showcases new releases and in-print science and technology studies books. It provides editors, publishers and potential authors a chance to meet and discuss new book projects. Attendees depend on the book exhibit for finding new books for class, for their research and for staying current in the field. 

The meeting program is a highly valued resource, and full-page ads are available at a reasonable price. 

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