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STS Infrastructure Award – Call for Nominations


The STS Infrastructure Award Committee (co-chaired by Geof Bowker and Kenji Ito) welcomes nominations for the recipient of the first award, to be presented at EASST/4S 2016 in Barcelona. The award honors exemplary contributions of STS scholars or entities to building and maintaining the institutional and intellectual infrastructures that permit our field to sustain itself, and to grow appropriately.  The term ‘infrastructures’ here has a wide acceptation: one can build infrastructures by founding an institution, by network building, by creating and nurturing a society resource online, or by developing paths to sustain a research subfield – to name but a few.  By the nature of the award, collective entities may be nominated as well as individuals.

A current member of 4S can nominate a past or present 4S member or members who fit the above description.  A nomination letter of up to 5 pages single- spaced should be sent to the selection committee chair by email.  It should include a clear opening paragraph saying why their work is infrastructurally significant, an overview of the nominee’s infrastructural work, and a list of 3-6 names of people (some of whom may be contacted by the Committee) who are in a position to best speak to this often invisible work.  Additional supporting documentation may include up to three letters of support.  Where available, CVs of nominees is appreciated.  Other forms of documentation are also acceptable, as appropriate to a particular nomination.

Please submit nominations to Steve Zehr, Secretary of the Society at by the closing date of March 31 2016.