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2015 STS Making and Doing Program

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Futurescape City Tours

Selin, Cynthia, Arizona State University


Kathryn de Ridder-Vignone, Duke Energy Center for Innovation
Roopali Phadke, Macalester College
David Tomblin, University of Maryland
Thaddeus Miller, Portland State University
Kevin Jones, University of Alberta
Gretchen Gano, University of California, Berkeley
Carlo Altamirano, Arizona State University

The Futurescape City Tours are a constellation of deliberative engagements that use digital and analog media and an urban walking tour to build the capacity of lay citizens, scientists and engineers, and civic stakeholders to reflexively approach the intersections between science, technology and society. Through the Futurescape City Tours, we manifest public engagement design principles that (1) lead with citizen-led interests, giving primacy to the concerns and curiosities of publics; (2) critically engage with technology, setting attention on the social and political dimensions of emerging technologies (3) use material deliberation, moving beyond discourse to incorporate material, visual, and affective elements; and (4) approach the future in a tempered fashion, evoking anticipations grounded in the appreciation of obduracy, with imaginations unleashed with the ballast of historical reflection. In order to share our theoretical understandings and methodological approaches, we have created a practitioners’ guidebook, online archive and a short film.


Link to project:

Barbosa e Silva: STS ‘Making’ and ‘Knowings’

Battles: Lightbox: Art|Information

Clement: Mapping Internet Surveillance

Collier: The SERRC

Comisso: Scientific Legislation

Cross: Off The Grid

de la Torre: STS+ With Practitioners

Forlano: Reimagining Work

Gardner: Body Editing

Gruber: Making Mirror Neurons

Hamilton: The Anarchy of the Imagination

Hermans: rePlay: De-commodifying Music

Hosman: Solar Digital Libraries

Iles: Greening Chemistry

Irani: Matters of Care in Crowdsourcing

Jain: Things that Art

Klein: Experimental Methods

Lakoff: Limn: An Experimental Scholarly Magazine

Lee : Teaching Sewol Disaster

Liboiron: Civic Laboratory: Plastics

Lie: Film: Medical Imaging

Loukissas: Life and Death of Data

Lucena: CSR & Social Justice

Miller: The Shore Line

Morales-Nasser: STS and ART

Myers: The Write2Know Project

Nieusma: STS Design Program

Ostman: Nano & Society

Ostrowski: Empirical Prints

Peek: Making Machines that Make

Poirier: Cyberinfrastructure for STS

Quitmeyer: Mobile Wilderness Making

Richardson: Critical Digital Exhibits

Riley: Doing Engineering Justice

Rogers: Making Science Visible

Sabanovic: A Human-Centered Robotics Curriculum

Schwartz-Marin: Citizen-Led Forensics

Selin: Futurescape City Tours

Shrum: Light Years

Smiley: ‘zines as method

Southwick: BlackBox Vending Machine

Stettler: Can Innovators Be Made?

Taylor: Connecting-Probing-Reflecting Spaces

Vidart-Delgado : Department of Play

Visperas: Thinking with Catalyst

Wang: Wooden Boat Building

Warren: Crafting Digital Stories

Watts: The Energy Walk

Whynacht: The Now(here) Project

Woelfle-Erskine: Tell a Salmon

Ziewitz: How’s My Feedback?

Zuiderent-Jerak: Situated Intervention