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Society for Social Studies of Science

Presidential Plenary – Interrogating ‘the Threat’

Wednesday August 30th

5:45 to 7:15 pm

Floor 2 - Grand Ballroom

The aim of this plenary is to stage a critical conversation regarding what we should be concerned about, as both STS scholars and members of wider publics.  How can we move through the discourses of fear that dominate the framing of contemporary ‘threats’, and re-articulate matters of concern in ways informed by the sensibilities of science and technology studies, as well as by our awareness of their limits?  The panel will consider these questions across domains of settler colonialism and the (post)colonial, (in)security and (anti)militarism,  bio and health politics, race/difference and (im)migration, and multi-species environments, as part of thinking and acting through the dominant narratives into new possibilities.  The session will be organized as more of a roundtable than a series of presentations, affording time for discussion both among the panelists and with the audience.    

Confirmed participants:

Steve Epstein (Northwestern University, USA)
Joseph Masco (University of Chicago, USA)
Amade M’charek (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Kim TallBear (University of Alberta, Canada)
Lucy Suchman (Moderator, Lancaster University UK and President of 4S)

(With great regret, Karen Barad has had to withdraw from the plenary.)