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Society for Social Studies of Science

Travel Grants


Reimbursement requests will be accepted at this location following the meeting.

Apply for reimbursement online

Record on the expense form your total travel costs even if the award amount does not cover all of your expenses. Do not record any amount in the line that reads 'request' as your amount may be increased.

Using the link above, you may choose to upload your receipts and submit all documents electronically. Include your registration receipt as proof of attendance at the meeting. Your receipt must indicate the amount paid for the ticket, the flight numbers, the airline, and the dates of the flights. A boarding pass is not sufficient. If you are using an e-ticket, please print out a receipt that includes your name and the amount paid. Receipts may be printed out at the time of purchase for on-line purchases, or you may request a receipt when you obtain your boarding pass at the airport.


4S administers a travel fund to support graduate student participation in its annual meetings. In addition to the base funding, a special fund was created from proceeds from the 2010 meeting. This “Tokyo Fund” supports Asian, African, and Latin American graduate students who wish to present a paper at 4S meetings.

Applications for 2015 are invited following the issuance of acceptance notices for the program. The deadline for applications is June 24.

Awards are available for travel expenses only, not for food or lodging. The amount of each award will be determined once all applications have been received. In previous years, awards were in the range of $150-400, depending upon the distance to be traveled. However, the limited funds available do not allow us to award travel grants to all applicants.

The funding decision will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality: Is the abstract of appropriate quality for presentation at 4S?
  • Conference participation beyond paper presentation: Are you organizing a panel or additional meeting, volunteering for additional work, etc.?
  • Relevance: Is the student enrolled in a graduate program? Is 4S the right place for this paper?
  • Completeness: Is the application complete?
  • Availability of alternative funds: Does your home institution provide travel funds, etc.?
  • Prior travel grants received: Did you receive 4S funding in the previous year?
  • Diversity: 4s is committed to inclusion and participation of under-represented groups and seeks each year to provide funding to these students.


To qualify for a travel award, an applicant must be a graduate student presenting a paper at the 4S Annual Meeting and a member of 4S.

In cases of co-authorship, no more than one award will be granted for each paper presented.

However, because funds for these awards are provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation, 4S must comply with U.S. federal rules for reimbursable travel. The awardee is responsible for following the terms specified in NSF document 761, Travel to Foreign Countries. In particular, see Article 13, sections C and D of that document.  By submitting the application form the applicant agrees to abide by these terms. Reimbursement will not be provided unless these terms are followed.

Note that all air travel must occur on a U.S. carrier or in a U.S. airline designated seat on a foreign airline. Original receipts carrying the airline’s designator code and flight number must be provided (if you have an e-ticket, you must get a receipt at the time of check-in). Under certain circumstances, described in the NSF guidelines, travel on a foreign carrier may be allowed. Documentation of the unsuitability of U.S. carrier itineraries is required.

The mileage reimbursement rate for use of a privately owned vehicle is 56.5 cents per mile, per U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines. Receipts for gas must be provided!

For more information, please contact Prof. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). In the subject line, put "4S Travel Grant Application: [name]."