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Society for Social Studies of Science

What is 4S?

The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) is an international, nonprofit scholarly society founded in 1975. 4S fosters interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship in social studies of science, technology, and medicine (a field often referred to as STS). Membership in the society is open to anyone interested in understanding developments in science, technology, or medicine in relation to their social contexts.

All About 4S Membership

For renewals, the member directory, and meeting registration, visit the Member Portal.

4S News

4S President’s Message – February 2018


Bernal, Fleck, and Carson Prizes announced. Call for nominations for President, Council, and student rep.


Seeking Nominations for the 4S Council, 6S (Student Section) and President


4S will runs its annual election in April, seeking to fill seats for four Council members and one 6S (Student Section) representative, all of whom will serve August 2018-August 2021. We will also elect the next President of 4S, who will serve August 2019-August 2021 (serving as President-elect for the coming year).... (...more)

4S President’s Message – January 2018


4S Community,

Happy new year!  We have important work to do in 2018.  Thanks to all of you who have been in touch to share ideas and plans.  I appreciate the feedback.  

At the 4S Council (quarterly) meeting in early January, we outlined a series of reports that will be shared with 4S members at the end of the...


4sSydney Update


Feb 1 deadline for submissions

Now is the time to check our submissions page and decide how you would like to participate in 4sSydney.

You can submit closed panels and single papers, a paper to one of the 115 open panels, a Making and Doing session; or submit to an exciting new addition to the 4S program, the STS...



Backchannels provides an outlet for alternative-format scholarly communications, publishing shorter, timelier, media-rich communiques of interest to the global STS community.

We Have Never Been Digital Anthropologists

Reflections / Rebekah Cupitt

title Rebekah Cupitt reflects on how the foundations of ethnography relate to the digital.

Innovación por fuera de la ley, Narcosubmarinos y los ESCT

Reflections / Javier Guerrero

title Narcosubmarinos, una mirada desde los ESCT

The Bow Valley and ‘People’ Without a History

Reflections / Tina Loo

title Multispecies ethnographies—of grizzlies in this case—through artistic visualizations let us question our actions in the world and the future we make.

Extractivism and States of Exception in mineralized territories

/ Gabriela Marroquín

title States of exceptions and anti-mining bodies as mechanisms to stabilized a mining territory

A Newbie’s Perspective on the 4S Annual Meeting

Reflections / Annemarie Hofer

title Annemarie Hofer shares her first experience at the 4S annual meeting.

Game playing and ‘ethics hype’

Reflections / Gabrielle Samuel

Gabrielle Samuel argues in this blog post that while ‘hype’ surrounding biomedical research has been abundantly discussed, ‘ethics hype’ has been much less talked about.

STS and environmental history live to see another day

Reflections / Joseph Satish V

title Environmental history is yet another important avenue for STS scholars to explore and work with – considering that forests, the environment and “nature” themselves are constructed socially, a theme so often explored in STS theory. This post shares why Joseph Satish feels this is so, based on his visit to the Anglade Institute of Natural History in Kodaikanal, south India.

Public Health in the Calais Refugee Camp: Environment, Health and Exclusion

Report-backs / Surindar Dhesi and Arshad Isakjee

title The ongoing emergency for refugees is having profound and hidden health consequences for thousands of displaced persons who live in informal ‘makeshift’ camps across Europe.

African cities in the changing global landscape

Reflections / Prince K. Guma

"Questions need to be posed as to how we ought to (dis)associate and (dis)connect from/with dominant and inextricable narratives, imaginaries and dichotomies if we must accurately subsume the African city within the increasingly precarious global present."

Building STS Programs: Notes From an Initial Meeting

Report-backs / Sam Weiss Evans

Sam Weiss Evans reports on conversations held at 4S Boston about the challenges and promises of building STS Programs

New in...

Making and Doing Politics Through Grassroots Scientific Research on the Energy and Petrochemical Industries
Sara Wylie, Nick Shapiro, Max Liboiron
Materializing Exposure: Developing an Indexical Method to Visualize Health Hazards Related to Fossil Fuel Extraction
Sara Wylie, Elisabeth Wilder, Lourdes Vera, Deborah Thomas, Megan McLaughlin
Participatory Air Monitoring in the Midst of Uncertainty: Residents’ Experiences with the Speck Sensor
Jacob Robert Matz, Sara Wylie, Jill Kriesky
Compromised Agency: The Case of BabyLegs
Max Liboiron
The Civic Informatics of FracTracker Alliance: Working with Communities to Understand the Unconventional Oil and Gas Industry
Kirk Jalbert, Samantha Malone Rubright, Karen Edelstein
Crowdsourcing Undone Science
Gwen Ottinger
A Wary Alliance: From Enumerating the Environment to Inviting Apprehension
Nicholas Shapiro, Nasser Zakariya, Jody Roberts
Game Design as STS Research
Joseph Dumit
Living with Oil and Gas and Practicing Community Conducted Science
Deborah Thomas

New in...

Technoscience Updates

The most recent postings to the Profession pages, emailed monthly to 4S members.


New article from Michael Mascarenhas, “White Space and Dark Matter: Prying Open the Black Box of STS”
New Book from Remedios and Dusek: Knowing Humanity in Social World:The Path of Steve Fuller’s Social Epistemology (Palgrave, 2018)
New Book: Fractivism by Sara Ann Wylie (Duke University Press, 2018)


2nd Call for papers for the 3rd International Conference on Science and Literature
V International Meeting of Environment, Dams and Cultures
History of Recent Economics Conference (HISRECO)

Calls for Papers

Call for Chapters: The Handbook of Art, Science and Technology Studies
CALL FOR PAPERS – Between the Local and the Global: Connection, Sharing, and Entanglement in the History of Technoscience
The Nuclear Origins of the Anthropocene


One or more Sociology of Science open-rank positions, Michigan State University
Instructor of Medical Anthropology, Butler University
Research position, Innovation through Gender in Computing, University of Kassel, Germany

Fellowships & Postdocs

Postdoc, Department of Science and Technology Studies, University of Vienna
Two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Global Health, Yale University
Postdoc in gender/youth at Peanut Lab, University of Georgia