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Calls for Papers

Find here non-event related calls for papers, such as special issue journals.

CfP for Science as Culture (SaC) Forum: Economic Assumptions

Deadline: January 31 2017

Forum Editor: Kean Birch

Economic assumptions underpin an enormous range of expert judgements regarding technoscience and beyond. Such assumptions frequently remain implicit, meaning that they are unaccountable despite being powerful influences on an array of decisions, policies, media ...

Special Issue of Qualitative Inquiry

Deadline: December 01 2016


Guest Editors: Katherine Harrison (University of Copenhagen, Denmark & Lund University, Sweden) & Maria Bee Christensen-Strynø (Roskilde University, Denmark)

Deadline for submission: 1 December 2016
New media are ...


Deadline: December 16 2016


What are the relations between literature, science and the arts within our field today? This special double issue marks a unique collaboration between the Journal of Literature and Science and Configurations. Across two years – 2017 in the JLS and 2018 in Configurations ...

Special Issue of Design Issues: Organizing provocation, conflict and appropriation

Deadline: January 10 2017

Contribute to a Special Issue of Design Issues: Organizing provocation, conflict and appropriation: The role of the designer in making publics

Because of the importance of the role and embodiment of the designer/artist in making publics, this special issue draws attention to reflexive practices ...

Visual Data as Accountability, Resistance, and Surveillance

Deadline: August 10 2016

For a special issue of Law & Social Inquiry (Journal links: Wiley | American Bar Association)

Edited by: Sarah Brayne (UT-Austin), Karen E. C. Levy (Cornell), and Bryce Clayton Newell (Tilburg)

Also at the website.

The capture, analysis, and dissemination of visual data—including ...

Narratives and storytelling in energy and climate change research

Deadline: October 14 2016

In recent years, references to narratives, stories, and storytelling have become common in energy and climate change research and policy (Randall 2009; Fine & O'Neill 2010; Open University 2014). Stories are used to communicate with, influence, and engage audiences; they serve as artefacts to ...

Special Issue on Exploring the Anthropology of Energy: Ethnography, Energy and Ethics

Deadline: August 01 2016

The remaining five to ten authors will be selected by the Guest Editors. Interested authors should submit titles and 350-word abstracts by August 1, 2016 to the Guest Editors.

Guest Editors: Dr. Jessica M. Smith, Colorado School of Mines Dr. Mette M. High, University of St. Andrews

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Generative Justice for Teknokultura

Deadline: May 31 2016

Guest Editors Ron Eglash and Chris Gray
Marx proposed that capitalism’s destructive force is caused, at root, by the alienation of labor value from its generators. Environmentalists have added the concept of unalienated ecological value, and rights activists added the unalienated expressive ...