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Society for Social Studies of Science

Professional Associations

NEW: Directory of Regional and Country STS Scholar Networks and Associations. Compiled by Pablo Santoro and Arthur Arruda Leal-Ferreira, following the Barcelona Meeting, November, 2016. PDF

International Affiliates of 4S

International Council for Science

International Social Science Council

US Associations

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

History of Science Society (HSS)

Philosophy of Science Association (PSA)

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)

American Sociological Association (Section on Science, Knowledge, and Technology - SKAT)

American Sociological Association (Section on Environment and Technology - SKAT)

American Association for the History of Medicine

American Anthropological Association

American Association for the Advancement of Science

National Association for Science, Technology, and Society

Life Sciences Foundation (LSF)

International Associations

International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science

Japan Association for Science, Technology & Society (JASTS)

AsiaPacific Science Technology & Society Network (APSTSN)

Taiwan STS Association (臺灣科技與社會研究學會)

Sociedad Latinoamericana de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia (ESOCITE)

European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)

Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (AAHPSSS)

International Sociological Association (Research Committee 23 - Sociology of Science and Technology)

International Society for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC)

International Society for the Psychology of Science and Technology

Network for Science and Technology Studies in Africa (STS-Africa)

Society for the Promotion of S&T Studies 

Professional Associations - Last edited: January 13 2017