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Sensing the Voices of Others

May 24 2018 to May 28 2018 | Prague

Deadline: October 13 2017

Updated: October 16 2017

Interrogating the digital in human/non-human intimacies

A couple of doctoral students and I are hoping to put together a roundtable for the International Communication Association annual meeting, which will be in Prague in late May ( We're planning to propose to the Philosophy, Theory, and Critique section ( The very short description right now is: Sensing the Voices of Others: Interrogating the digital in human/non-human intimacies

This roundtable addresses how social and natural worlds manifest as sense-able and communicable. It interrogates what it means to communicate across constructed boundaries of difference, particularly the human and non-human. In particular, it explores how digital media are implicated in the interplay of intimacy, engagement, and detachment by human and non-human entities. ("Voices" is the theme of the conference, and we're open to a broad interpretation of this stuff, anything to do with sensing/communicating, nonhuman entities, and natureculture.) What we'd need would be an affirmation of interest, a title, and a 150-word abstract. We'd then put that together with other abstracts and submit the whole thing as a proposal. We'll expand and tailor the above description to include the other submissions. Inquiries and submissions should go to me at by October 13.