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Society for Social Studies of Science

Social Studies of Science Student Section

The Society for Social Studies of Science Student Section (6S) exists to facilitate interactions among students and junior scholars of science studies, and to promote the interests of students within 4S. 6S is coordinated by three student representatives who serve staggered three year terms.

6S Student Representatives 2017-2018

We are excited to welcome Aadita Chaudhury as the incoming 6S representative.

Aadita is a PhD student at the Department of Science and Technology Studies at York University. Previously, she completed a Masters in Environmental Studies at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, and a Bachelor of Applied Science at University of Toronto’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. Her research interests are broadly surrounding the anthropology and philosophy of biology and the ecological sciences, cartography, postcolonial and feminist STS, and environmental and medical humanities.

Aadita has worked in mining consulting for projects in Saskatchewan, Panama and Turkey and interned at the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics at the United Nations Environment Program in Paris, France. She also served as a science writer and the founding editor for Technology and Engineering of the Canadian science communication platform Science Borealis. She can be reached at aadita AT

The continuing 6S Student Reps are Erika Szymanski and Margarita Rayzberg.

Erika (3rd year representative and our fearless leader) is a research fellow in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Erika’s work particularly concerns the development of yeast as a research object and human-yeast relationships in synthetic biology, genomics, and fermentation research. More broadly, her research interests include human-microbe interactions, rhetorical tools for knowledge coproduction, and wine as a subject of and model for interdisciplinarity.

Erika grew up in the United States in the Pacific Northwest and upstate New York, did her undergraduate (B.S.) work in molecular biology, and took graduate degrees in microbiology (M.S.) and rhetoric and composition (M.A.) before moving to New Zealand to complete her PhD in science communication, investigating rhetorics of multi-directional, collaboration-promoting communication in the wine industry. She continues to write about wine science for popular and industry audiences in parallel with her academic work. She can be reached at szymanskiea AT

Margarita (2nd year representative) is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology and a Graduate Affiliate of the Science in Human Culture Interdisciplinary Cluster at Northwestern University. Her dissertation “Controlling the Field: Experimental Social Science and Politics of Evidence in International Development” -- uses archival research, interviews, and ethnography to investigate how randomized controlled field experiments (RCFEs) became the evidentiary 'gold standard' for the evaluation of international development policy.

Margarita has a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business from Northeastern University and a Master’s of Arts from the Communication, Culture, and Technology program at Georgetown University. She can be reached at rayzberg AT