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Society for Social Studies of Science


4S Members Portal Social Features

The new 4S Members portal includes a “Group” specifically for use by 6S members with community features such as a discussion forum and blogs. New student members need only request to join via the link in your Profile.

Society for Social Studies of Science Student Section (6S) Facebook Group

The Society for Social Studies of Science Student Section (6S) exists to facilitate interactions among students and early-career scholars of science studies, and to promote the interests of students within 4S. The 6S Facebook page is a place for the global 6S community to exchange information and comments, discuss STS-related activities, share career opportunities, and network. 6S also administers the STSGRAD listserv, which is a central clearinghouse for STS-related announcements, but the Facebook page is designed to be more informal and a discussion space. Looking for a sample grant application, need a place to stay during the 4S annual meeting, or organizing a student conference? Use this space. We look forward to facilitating a vibrant online community that connects members with each other, 6S, 4S, and other global STS networks.

To join, go to:

STS Grad Listserv Information

The listserv, STSGRAD, is intended to faciliate the formation of an international network of junior scholars (eg., graduate students, postdocs, junior scholars) who are interested in the field of Science and Technology Studies. This listserv will have three purposes: 1) to circulate information about upcoming conferences, opportunities to present or publish papers, and job postings; 2) help establish linkages among scholars with similar theoretical and empirical interests; and 3) provide a forum to generate broad discussion about issues important to young scholars across the world engaged with the field of Science and Technology Studies.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with regard to the listserv. First, if you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested in subscribing, please forward them this message and information about subscribing to the list. This network is not intended to be restrictive to any particular organization, institution, or theoretical perspective. The more the merrier! Second, this listserv is intended to be a collective effort. If you see any interesting job or conference postings, opportunities for publication or presention, or are seeking expertise in a particular area, please take advantage of this great resource.

The STS Grad Listserv is managed through Google groups.  To subscribe, go here:

If you are on facebook, join the 4S group. Just search "4S" to join up.