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Spring 2004: Vol. 18, No. 1

Last update: January 19, 2004

Newsletter of the Society for Social Studies of Science


Executive Editor: Steve Breyman

Managing Editors: Lane DeNicola, Hector Postigo


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From the Editors

Welcome to the spring edition of Technoscience and the first issue of 2004. We would like to welcome Prof. Breyman on board and look forward to working with him. This issue of Technoscience has a collection of job announcements, calls for papers, and conference announcements collected from various listserves. We trust they are useful to you.

Leadership changes

Technoscience would like to thank Prof. Linda Layne for her successful tenure as executive editor. The 4S Publications Committee appointed Prof. Steve Breyman interim executive editor, and will issue a call for proposals.

Keeping Technoscience Up to Date

4S will continue to publish a paper version of the newsletter, mailed to 4S members three times a year. Similar information, updated more frequently, will now be found in "the Profession" section of the 4S web site. Technoscience editors also manage these sections of the web site. Information that is noted [update] is more recent than the last printed newsletter.

Announcing Technoscience Uptake

As a new service, 4s now offers an email newsletter, called Technocience Uptake, which contains abbreviated updates on jobs, grants, calls for papers, etc.