Learning through doing co-creation online: RE-Invent Digital Pilot

Researchers from UCL’s Connected Environments Lab joined together with creative producers at the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood to co-create a series of interactive, web-based virtual reality (VR) studios to creatively engage young people during lockdown.

EthnoData: A collaborative project in cross-disciplinary experimentation

During 2020, Kaleidos built a new collaborative digital platform called EthnoData. It is a multimodal and multimedia website that combines large datasets with ethnographic material that allows users to create their own theorizations and stories through a variety of numerical evidence and qualitative data —including official statistics, legal archives, curated...

iris: a crowd-sourced STS encyclopedia in Turkish

iris is a crowd-sourced Turkish STS encyclopedia. In this blog, the volunteers behind iris describe how they started off with this encyclopedia. They also explain how producing for and thus thinking from within STS in a non-English language (in Euro-American and English dominated STS) would not only enrich that language, but most importantly, could contribute to STS with its own dynamics.

Technoscience: a science and technology studies podcast that’s not just for science and technology studies

Technoscience is a new podcast initiative to share the exciting work being done in science and technology studies (STS) with wider audiences who are curious about the field. It offers an approachable and accessible way for people to listen and learn more about the interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship of STS. Technoscience involves a series of ten interviews with STS scholars recorded at the 2019 Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) meeting in New Orleans.