Recent Member Publications - February 2024 update

Published On: Feb 19 2024

Recent publications by 4S members. If you would like to feature a recent publication on a future edition of this monthly list, please use this form: Access is restricted to the 4S community.

Group of Friends on Science for Action statement on gender equality in science, and updates from the International Science Council and ISC community

Published On: Feb 16 2024

Acknowledging the persistent gender gap in STEM worldwide, the ISC and UNESCO supported a statement by Ambassador Kridelka at the 9th Assembly of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. He represented the co-chairs of the UN Group of Friends on Science for Action, calling for global efforts to dismantle gender stereotypes in science.

New book: Aibar, Eduard. (2023). El culto a la innovación. Barcelona: NED ediciones.

Published On: Feb 9 2024

The dominant tendency to place innovation as the backbone of any social, cultural or political change is based on a highly biased view of technology and its historical evolution. The focus on innovation obscures key aspects of the social embeddedness of technology - use and users, maintenance, repair, production - and obscures the immense relevance of mundane technologies and infrastructures. The ideology of innovation propagates a narrow, deterministic and fatalistic conception of technology which, despite its apparent neutrality and illusory aseptic character, has become the last resort of t...

Oceaning: New Book by Adam Fish

Published On: Feb 9 2024

Duke University Press announces the upcoming publication of Oceaning: Governing Marine Life with Drones by Adam Fish (February 2024). The book examines how the use of drones in ocean conservation—such as using them to check the vitality of whales, seals, turtles, and coral reefs—can help create an ocean whose flourishing both depends upon and escapes the control of technologies. Adam Fish is a Scientia Associate Professor of Arts and the Media at the University of New South Wales, author of Technoliberalism and the End of Participatory Culture in the United States, and coauthor of ...

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