NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Rapidly Accelerating Research on Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Education in Formal and Informal Settings

Published On: May 16 2023

The unprecedented speed of advancements in machine learning (ML), generative artificial intelligence (AI), and large language models (LLM) is rapidly transforming formal and informal educational settings and systems. Educators and learners are grappling with unanticipated and rapidly changing AI that impacts both day-to-day K-12 classroom practices and the use of AI in informal (out of school) settings.

Recent Member Publications - May 2023 update

Published On: May 14 2023

A list of recent member publications from the past ~4 months.

MIT Press launches Labor and Technology book series

Published On: May 11 2023

The series, edited by labor expert Winifred Poster, explores how digital capacities and infrastructure affect how we work.

Primer, Digital Sovereignty and Homeless Worker Movement in Brazil

Published On: May 1 2023

On this May Day, the Homeless Worker Movement in Brazil (MTST) launched a primer on digital sovereignty. It addresses issues of sovereignty and technology from social movements, workers' struggles and the majority world.

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