Final Program

The Final Program for 4S 2023 in Honolulu is now available. It contains information about more than 400 sessions scheduled across four full days, as well as information about the Paraconference and the times of the Keynote and Plenary sessions

If you cannot see the Final Program embedded below, please download it by clicking here

All zoom links and an itinerary builder are on the zoom event platform. Registered attendees can access the platform by clicking here and logging in.

Instructions for participants are here.

It’s not too late to register for online participation! Register here.

Updates (November 4, 2023):

A summary of changes to the Final Program can be found here.

A revised version of the Making & Doing Guide can be found here

Find out about 4S Paraconference x EnviroInjustice: Building a Global Record poster session and roundtable on Saturday, 11 Nov, over here.

Voluntary Work Tour: This PDF contains information on three group voluntary work tours where participants will help nonprofit, volunteer groups that work at three sites. We are joining in efforts to build regenerative tourism in Hawai’i where visitors contribute their labors to the land and its communities. If you want to join any of these tours, please email Joan Fujimura at <> by November 6 to sign up.