undertones: A Critical Digital Exhibit on Dermatology

Yesmar Semaj Oyarzun, Rice University; Juliann Bi, Rice University; Eddie Jackson, Rice University; Lan A. Li, Rice University, Department of History, Medical Humanities Program

Toronto 2021: Justice

undertones is a digital exhibit by members of the production team of the meta-stasis podcast. This exhibit puts a humanistic spin on what it means to review scientific literature. Contributors used dermatology articles published since the 1990s as jumping off points to spark humanistic and critical art and writing. The art and writing featured in the exhibit engages with problems at the nexus between race, dermatology, cancer, and the algorithmic turn. What does it mean to be represented, misrepresented, or not represented? Who appears in the archive of dermatology? Whose skin matters? undertones collapses the boundaries between objectivity and subjectivity, questions the impulse toward standardization, and takes science, art, and theory equally seriously.

Published: 01/30/2023