‘Fabricating Frequencies’: Sounding Out Cosmic LiKIn with Space-Time Morphologies

Tessa Zettel, T. Rudzinskait? Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society; Dr. Sumugan Sivanesan, T. Rudzinskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society

Toronto 2021: Multispecies

In 2088 The T. Rudzinskaite Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society celebrated seventy years tirelessly promoting the love and study of lichen in this galaxy and beyond. Co-founded by Tessa Zettel & Dr. Sumugan Sivanesan in honour of Lithuania’s foremost amateur lichenologist, Tekle Rudzinskaite, its activities have since grown to include myriad curious forms of multispecies research, happenings and publications.

Following the historic launch of our dedicated satellite ‘Hallo World!’ earlier this year, the Society is pleased to announce its next hybrid transmission for 2089: a showcase of the Metta-Verse Mutual Aid Space Program’s very own Space-Time Fab Lab, in the format of a mini opera mobi-video.

Modelled on the classic EXPOSE Li-FE lichens and fungi experiment unit attached to the International Space Station between 2008 – 2015, the Space-Time Fab Lab is an accessible ancestral astrobiological hothouse offering lichen lovers the opportunity to play with novel and experimental means of manipulating space-time. Society members have lately been busy ‘singing out’, in theory, to LiKIn (Lichen Kindred Intelligence), exploring the relationship between sonic/photo-synthesis and the reparative qualities of sound as a (metaphysical) suturing of life on earth with oddkin scattered across the Milky Way.

Published: 01/30/2023