Narrative Terrains : Colors of the Anthropocene

Sarah Bachinger, Narrative Terrains

Toronto 2021: Multispecies

In the age of the Anthropocene – the era defined by the enduring wounds humanity has left on the geological surface of our planet – our fingerprint is ingrained in the strata.

As an ally and collaborator with more-than-human kin, I attempt to transmute the voice of their material experiences through archive and art.

The project encourages artists to use self-sourced material reflexively, developing new levels of intimacy to the artistic process and the environment. It fosters connections between people, place, cultures, art and science – while fostering dialogs surrounding the effects of the Anthropocene.

It also provides open-access to a color archive of collected pigments for scientific research, artistic projects and community actions, while contributing research on the Anthropocene. It emphasizes indigenous/generative knowledges, reconnects communities to earth through their own knowledges, and encourages environmental stewardship, building community capacities. The project creates awareness of social issues dredged up by industrial colonialism, and the human interference with the land while emphasizing the validity and importance of local knowledges.

Published: 01/30/2023