Future Perfect: A Postcapitalist Adventure

Ben Gansky, Arizona State University

Toronto 2021: Storytelling as Relations

Future Perfect: A Postcapitalist Adventure is a live group choose-your-own-adventure in which participants take on the role of neighborhood council members in Tomorrowland, an imagined society. Over a narrative spanning twenty years, the councils are confronted by a series of dilemmas arising from technological developments and climate change. At each junction, the councils debate before voting on one of two policy options. Tomorrowland Ministers of Sustainability, Technology, and Social Services (real-life experts invited from the local community) provide context and insight, and lobbyists inject uncertainty and randomness. Depending on the groups’ voting, the narrative moves towards one of four conclusions, quadrants determined by two axes: the degree of socioeconomic equality in Tomorrowland society, and the degree to which climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts are integrated (Frase 2016). Following a narrative epilogue, the ‘Ministers’ of Tomorrowland ‘drop character’ and enter into a moderated Q&A with participants, focusing the discussion on concrete actions which participants can undertake in their own community.

This project debuted in Los Angeles in 2018, and has since been shared across the U.S. in contexts including arts festivals, a senior center, a bar, and a public library.

Published: 01/30/2023