4S Bylaws 2022

Posted: November 22, 2022

4S is governed by an elected President and Council, according our Bylaws. 4S is a non-profit association under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and is incorporated in the state of Virginia. Until 2017, three Council members were elected annually, constituting a nine-person Council. Beginning in 2018, four Council members have been elected annually, leading to a 12-person Council, Beginning in 2022, a Secretary and Treasurer were elected on a cycle, maintaining a 12-person council (plus 6S members, President and President-Elect). Elected representatives of the Student Section of 4S (6S) also join the Council (2nd and 3rd year representatives as voting members). The 4S Council and 4S Elections Committee, with the President, selects a final election slate from nominations by the membership and runs annual elections. Council members and 6S representatives serve three year terms, while the President serves a two year term after a one year term as President-Elect. All Past Presidents are non-voting members of Council.

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Published: 11/22/2022