Affiliations Committee 2021

Kim Fortun, Chair

María Belén Albornoz

Duygu Ka?do?an

Emma Kowal

We are hoping/planning to call-for-applications for 4S affiliations (with a simple Google form) prior to the conference then invite applicants to an already-scheduled 4S Affiliations meet-up to get more feedback on what would be useful to people. We have called such a meeting many times previously, promising that the program would be rolled out very soon—so I hate to go back and say the same thing again.

The call-for-affiliations shouldn’t need a vote, just any suggestions for how the call/application is worded. Could you ask just once more if there is any more feedback.

4S really needs an MD to help manage such a program. . . . but I think it best to keep in moving; it is an important way to institutionalize the transnationalism of 4S.

Published: 12/01/2021