Spiders, Sex, and Slippages

Mar 25 2024

Jumping spider "song and dance" can serve as a generative entry point for staging broader disruptions in the misogyny and cisheterosexism that have long underwritten scientific studies of animal behavior.

Humanity in Symbiosis: Lessons from the Deep

Apr 15 2024

Scuba diver and anthropologist Jakkrit Sangkhamanee explores the multispecies, symbiotic relationships in coral reefs, drawing parallels to human-technology interactions and emphasizing the need for ecological awareness in the Anthropocene era.

Categories as Prisons: or How Not to Write the History of the Scientific Revolution, Part I

Apr 1 2024

In the first of a two-part Backchannels post, Amanda Domingues and Rogelio Scott-Insua interview Professor Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. They discuss his research on the formative role of "Latin America" in US colonial history and the history of "Western" modernity as a whole.

When ‘access’ is not enough: diversification of high school programs and the maintenance of social inequalities

Mar 4 2024

The following piece offers a brief cautionary tale on how the inclusion of full-time programs and increased access to the public high education system in Brazil do not necessarily create new opportunities for social mobility but can rather reinforce old structures that perpetuate inequalities.

Energetics of Infrastructure in the Middle East

Feb 6 2024

In this blog post, Katayoun Shafiee reflects on the case of the Dez Dam in Iran highlighting the role of cost-benefit analysis as a technology of governance.

The politics of curriculum: Inflecting knowledge in computer science education

Jan 23 2024

Dr Benedetta Catanzariti reflects on her experience as an STS scholar embedded in a core undergraduate computer science program at the University of Edinburgh. By attending to the "curricular infrastructures" of computer science education, we can chart new paths towards reflexive socio-technical knowledge production.

The passenger terminal building at Suvarnabhumi International Airport and its representation of the Thai identity: a retrospective reflection

Jan 1 2024

Professor Noobanjong writes about the friction that arises in expressing Thai identity upon building a world-class airport symbolising a modern meeting-space between the global and the local.

Amok & Coding Back: A Decolonial Epistemic Framework

Dec 11 2023

In December 2022, three members of Twitter's Trust and Safety Council resigned in opposition to what they regarded as the company's failure to protect users from harm. In this post, one of those who resigned considers how such acts of refusal and resistance might help address AI's colonial harms.


Nov 20 2023

In this post, James Merron describes the tensions and contestations over registering, describing and organizing frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, based on his ethnographic experience at the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory (GRAO) just outside of Accra, Ghana.

Hearing the Planetary

Sep 25 2023

What can sound tell us about the future? Recounting his encounter with the Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon, Lukáš LikavĨan invokes a situated philosophy through the act of listening.

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