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Call for Proposals for Special Issues: STHV

Published On: Mar 7, 2024

Deadline: Jun 21, 2024

The editorial group of Science, Technology, & Human Values announces the journal’s 2024 Call for Proposals for Special Issues. Interested scholars should submit a proposal by 21 June 2024. In August 2024, the editors of ST&HV will choose one Special Issue proposal to proceed. The editors may also select and invite other proposals to proceed as shorter Thematic Collections if suitable. Diversity of contributions from scholars internationally, and at different career stages, is encou...

Seeking Nominations for ASA Anti-Racism Awards

Published On: Mar 2, 2024

Deadline: Mar 15, 2024

The 4S community is invited to submit nominations for two prizes from the American Sociological Association (ASA) recognizing antiracism scholarship and practice it the intersection of science, knowledge, technology, and society.

Support for the integrity of Argentina’s science system (ISC)

Published On: Mar 1, 2024

In an letter to the network of authorities of research institutions in Argentina (RAICyT), the ISC expresses its concern regarding the future of Argentina’s science system. The ISC offers its assistance in working with local and regional communities to develop a robust science sector which contributes to Argentina’s social, environmental and economic success.

4S Publications

Science, Technology, and Human Values

For more than forty years, Science, Technology, & Human Values has provided the forum for cutting-edge research and debate in the field of science and technology studies.

The Politics of Amphibiousness: Shifting Coastal Management in the Netherlands

Marieke Meesters

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
This paper explores the consequences of a shift in Dutch coastal management. The management approach transitioned from aiming to keep the sea at bay toward the stimulation...

Unscripted Practices for Uncertain Events: Organizational Problems in Cybersecurity Incident Management

Ashwin Jacob Mathew

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
Scripts can help us understand the designer–user relationship, by offering analysis of designers’ intent in technological objects and examination of users’ behaviors...

Vanguard Visions of Vertical Farming: Envisaging and Contesting an Emerging Food Production System

Mascha Gugganig

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
Vertical farming is an emerging urban food growth proposal that has gained considerable attention for its ability to be space-efficient, independent of outside weather...

Seeing Like a Model Fish: How Digital Extractions Mediate Metabolic Relations

Susanne Bauer

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
Digital models have become key sites of biological practice and science policy. This paper examines efforts to craft a digital salmon model for metabolic research. It traces...

Making Citra: Branding, Breeding, and the Co-production of New Aroma Hops in the Yakima Valley

Matt Comi

Science, Technology, & Human Values, Ahead of Print.
Using farmer-owned breeding programs operated by vertically integrated US Northwest hop growers, this article examines the novel hops produced by these programs with market...

Engaging Science, Technology and Society

Engaging Science, Technology, & Society is an online, open access publication of The Society for Social Studies of Science.

Innovationism Across Transnational Landscapes

Published On: Dec 31 2023

Noela Invernizzi, Emily York, Clément Dréano, Duygu Kaşdoğan, Ali Kenner, Aalok Khandekar, Angela Okune, Grant Jun Otsuki, Sujatha Raman, Tim Schütz, Federico Vasen, Amanda Windle

This editorial introduces the thematic collection on STS and innovation. The collection includes eleven Engagements exploring the relationships between innovation studies (IS) and STS across various geographies. There is also...

Masking (Not Masking) Up: An STS Visual-Intersectional Approach to Understanding Publics and Science in Times of Rapid Change

Published On: Dec 31 2023

Susan Bell, Patrick Grzanka, Kelly Joyce, Laura Senier

In this paper we argue that a visual-intersectional approach can advance the field of science and technology studies (STS). Although there is a small but important body of work using visual methods in STS, it has rarely incorporated...

STS and Innovation: Borderlands, Regenerations and Critical Engagements

Published On: Dec 31 2023

Alan Irwin

This introduction to a thematic collection on the relationship between STS and innovation poses three main questions. When it comes to engaging with and acting upon socio-technical change, is ‘innovation’ part of the solution...

Bringing Fences Down: The Role of Critical Innovation Studies in Engaging STS with Innovation and the Contribution of Benoît Godin

Published On: Dec 31 2023

Tiago Brandão, Carolina Bagattolli

Innovation has constituted a subject of key interest for quite some time. However, only a few fields and scholars have embraced the challenge of finding ways to deconstruct our contemporary society’s most recurrent mantra. Questioning...

4S Blog: Backchannels

Humanity in Symbiosis: Lessons from the Deep

Jakkrit Sangkhamanee
Apr 15, 2024
Scuba diver and anthropologist Jakkrit Sangkhamanee explores the multispecies, symbiotic relationships in coral reefs, drawing parallels to human-technology interactions and emphasizing the need for ecological awareness in the Anthropocene era.

Categories as Prisons: or How Not to Write the History of the Scientific Revolution, Part I

Amanda Domingues and Rogelio Scott-Insua
Apr 01, 2024
In the first of a two-part Backchannels post, Amanda Domingues and Rogelio Scott-Insua interview Professor Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin. They discuss his research on the formative role of "Latin America" in US colonial history and the history of "Western" modernity as a whole.

The Scope of Ayurveda Oncology

V Sujatha, Skanthesh Lakshmanan, Vinayak Padikkal, Taniya Gupta
Mar 20, 2024
The global discourse on diseases and treatment is dominated by the positivistic approach of biomedicine, leaving little room for dialogue with other medical epistemes of the body. This post discusses the clinical approach of Ayurveda system of medicine in treating what is known as cancer today.

Posthuman Symbiosis Masterclass: [Un]learning with Donna Haraway and Rosi Braidotti

Ricardo Avella, Maria Heinrich, Johanna Just, Myrto Karampela-Makrygianni, Jere Kuzmanic, Katerina Stavridi, Gert van der Merwe
Mar 11, 2024
In this exceptional collaboration, seven participants of the Posthuman Symbiosis Masterclass take us through a collective effort of (un)learning the ways we produce knowledge.

Backchannels content is contributed by our members to highlight news relevant to their work.

STS News

Items submitted by the community and emailed to members monthly.

BKC Summer 2024 Internship Program

Mar 09, 2024
The Berkman Klein Center’s Summer Internship Program gives interns the opportunity to become deeply embedded within the projects and work happening across the Center. Interns spend the summer months working side-by-side with Berkman Klein staff, fellows, and scholars to keep projects moving forward, learning along the way. Interns will make valuable contributions over the course of the summer, to a wide range of projects based on the Center’s needs and the intern’s skills.

Public seminar: Call for abstracts - The ends of data: Theories, methods, and interventions in critical data and AI studies

Mar 09, 2024
What are the ends of data—meaning, which purposes are they created to serve? And what are the ends of data— meaning, when and how are data permitted to expire, be deleted, or die? This symposium investigates the intersection of these two questions within data-intensive social practices and infrastructures, where historical data are consistently integrated into new routines, domains, and frameworks to address novel inquiries.

Three-year Research Specialist position with benefits--hybrid-remote based in North Carolina Now 2024 - 2027

Mar 09, 2024
The Multidisciplinary Extreme Weather Toolkit for Small-scale and BIPOC Farmers proposes to conduct research with North Carolina farmers to investigate attitudes toward weather extremes; farm, personal and community practices to contend with weather extremes; and methods and modes of education and information delivery. This research aims to inform North Carolina Cooperative Extension programs, program development, and educational approaches toward climate responsive agricultural practice adoptio...

Data Power Conference: Doctoral Collloquium CfA (due 8 April, 2024)

Mar 07, 2024
As part of Data Power Conference, we are organizing two doctoral colloquiums in Graz and Bangalore. We invite doctoral students to submit abstracts for the Doctoral Colloquiums at the upcoming Data Power Conference. These colloquiums provides a unique opportunity for emerging scholars to present their research, engage in discussions, and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field.